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Yammouneh Nature Reserve

Yammoune is a lake, nature reserve; village and municipality situated 27 kilometres northwest of Baalbek in Baalbek District, Baalbek-Hermel Governorate Lebanon. The Yammouneh Nature Reserve is a wide fertile valley surrounded by the Lebanese Mountain and Anti- Mountain range on and a very popular destination in spring and summer. Its shallow fresh water attracts a wide variety of flora and fauna, and highly known for its juniper trees.

Given that Lebanon is on one of the most important flyways for migratory soaring birds, the Yammouneh lake stands to be one of the resting points of migratory soaring birds. The Yammouneh also harbors 369 plant species, 72 plants are potentially endemic (about 20% of total number of species), 8 species are endangered, and at least 18 plant species may have economic potential.

Most popular species of the reserve:

BIRDS (mostly endangered species)
Pelecanus crispus
Milvus migrans
Aquila clanga and A. helica
Falco naumani
Crex crex
Chettusia gregaria

Hyaena hyaena syriaca
Vulpes vulpes palaestina
Hysterix indica indica
Erinaceus concolor
Meles meles canescens

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