About us

Environment for Life (EFL) was established in 27 August 2012 (Decision no. 1502). EFL had successful achievements in biodiversity projects in Lebanon such as the project “Support to the hunting Portfolio in Lebanon” (2 Projects funded by the Global Environment Facility – GEF and Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund- CEPF), and the project “Delineation of the Cedars Shouf Reserve protected Area” (Funded by the European Union- EU). EFL experts have an extensive experience in the olive and olive oil sector on national and regional levels, and management of olive pressing mills by-products, and can contribute to promote the maintenance of traditional land use practices necessary for the conservation of olive biodiversity in Mount Hermon Key Biodiversity Area (KBA). EFL is committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community. EFL’s mission is to promote environmental awareness in the Lebanese community and work with governments, municipalities and NGOs to achieve practical outcomes for the conservation of biodiversity as the bases of sustainable livelihoods.

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